How to removing minor cuts and scratches of MUNK solid surface products?


Because the solid beauty of MUNK stone goes all the way through, the stone surfaces are completely renewable. You can remove minor cuts and scratches yourself by following these instructions:

Step 1. Judge the severity of the scratch and start with the finest grit sanding pad to remove the scratch. Rub over scratch in a straight line to remove it. Periodically switch rubbing direction 90°。Be sure all of the scratches is removed. If this first step takes too long time, try the next heavier grit sanding pad. To minimize dust during sanding, wet the surface. Rinse pad periodically to clean the residue .

Step 2. Clean top with water. Select next lighter grits until desired gloss level is achieved. Rinse out all pads used and air dry before putting them away.

Step 3. Continue sanding by lighter grits till the nice gloss is appeared. Then rinse all the used sand paper, dry them and keep well for next time usage.

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