BNHO Profile

BNHO Building Materials Co., Ltd was established in May of 2008, concentrates on providing high-end bathroom sanitary wares to the star hotels all over the world. BNHO has two wholly-owned subsidiary factories, Kaiping BNHO sanitary ware Co., Ltd and Yilan building materials Co., Ltd, mainly manufacturing brass faucets, bathroom accessories, solid surface bathtub, basin, toilet etc, totally covers 20,000 square meters. China sales office and showroom located in Smart City, Chancheng District, Foshan City.

BNHO Profile

“Because of concentration, we are more professional”.The company has gathered a group of talents in management, R&D, high-tech manufacturing, international marketing and hotel direct-sales etc are all with more than 10 years experience in the professional industry. BNHO reasonable motivation system actuates all BNHO staff exert themselves to accomplish company’s assignment.

BNHO Design

BNHO R&D department is based first of all on people. The product project department is directly responsible by the company’s core management. Market driving type regard the serving customer as the purpose, marketing promotion, designer, moulds building, lab quality testing and intellectual property etc, all concentrate themselves on accomplishing the same target.BNHO R&D center groups together Italian famous designer with his original designing team and Foshan technology team, which brings us more and more new concept of products, such as the cement industrial style, matte black and matte coffee bathtub, basin, customized toilet, Nano matte black faucet and accessories, etc

BNHO Concept

Sustainable development is the company’s core idea, BNHO is always working hard on living with the eco-environment friendly and harmony. The little odors and dust during production has been recycled and centralized treatment, and BNHO also has the filtration system to recycling use the production waste water, try to achieve zero discharge. Pursuing the products high quality level, for minimizing the social resources repeated investment states BNHO’s core concept as well. Meanwhile BNHO also keep good relationship with the staff, customers, suppliers and other social groups which is the fundamental factor to ensure the company’s sustainable development.